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Residential building Gama with restaurant, kids club and underground parking.
  •  Employer: Planex Invest Ltd.
  •  Location: D-r G. M. Dimitrov Blvd.
  •  Estimate date: 09.2017
  •  Contract Role: General Contractor
  •  Function:
    Building equipments and installation
    Exterior networks
  •  Technical Characteristics:
    Total build up area 10296,00 sq.m
  •  Phases of construction:
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The building is positioned in area Vitosha HPP Simeonovo, district Studentski by the plan of Sofia city. Located on boulevard "Dr. G.M. Dimitrov". The location is characterized with a high grade of communication both to pedestrians as well as drivers. The functions of the building will include: housing, restaurant, kids club, offices and underground parking. The apartments are located on six floors, one of which attic floor and in part of the ground floor as well. Separate entrances are foreseen for the restaurant, kids club and the two offices on the ground floor. The structure of the building is intended to be reinforced concrete, flat slabs, with reinforced washers for assuming horizontal forces from earthquake. The substructure of the building will be baseplate. For more information about available apartments for sale: http://realtyplanex.com/zhilshtni-imoti/project/gama